A voice I want to share by Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson

Passed Performances

4-6 July 2024, Thursday-Saturday - Monheim Triennalle @ Monheim am Rhein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
This was a large festival where I played in multiple combinations with Yuniya Edi Kwon, Oren Ambarchi, Ludwig Wandinger, Muqata’a, Rojin Sharafi, Terre Thaemlitz, Julia Úlehla, Darius Jones, Shannon Barnett, Brìghde Chaimbeul, Anushka Chkheidze, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Peter Evans, Heiner Goebbels, and Shahzad Ismaily. We will return one year later for larger performances.

2 July 2024, Tuesday - Christoph Götzen + Laurence Gaudreau + me trio @ Dressing Circles (Klankhaven curated) in Antwerpen, Belgium

1 July 2024, Saturday - Christoph Götzen + Laurence Gaudreau + me trio @ Kaeferklause (Das Koncerts curated) in Dresden, Germany

30 June 2024, Sunday - Christoph Götzen + Laurence Gaudreau + me trio @ Kuehlspot in Berlin, Germany

29 June 2024, Saturday - Christoph Götzen + Laurence Gaudreau + me trio @ Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek in Eindhoven, Netherlands

28 June 2024, Friday - Christoph Götzen + Laurence Gaudreau + me trio @ Haekem Theater in Brussels, Belgium
Also on the bill was Arto van Roey solo.

27 June 2024, Thursday - Christoph Götzen + Laurence Gaudreau + me trio @ Barney's in Düsseldorf, Germany

24 June 2024, Monday 7pm - Solo @ Sisters
Playing solo (vibraphone, megaphone singing, gyil), opening for Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few. Sonny Daze dj'ing.
This was cancelled/postponed.

22 June 2024, Saturday 11pm - Co-leading with Devin Brahja Waldman the Vision Fest After Jam Session at Nublu Classic
Ingrid Laubrock+Tom Rainey+DoYeon Kim will open with a set, and then an open jam from there.

20 June 2024, Thursday 9:45pm - Solo @ The Living Gallery
Me doing solo trombone, on a bill with Kwami Winfield solo, Moire Gall (Francesca Hanson & Alex duo), and a new Orchid McRae original composition band (Will Evans, Jose Fernando Solares, Francesca Hanson, Ellie Shannon, Orchid McRae).

19 June 2024, Wednesday 7pm - Big Band @ Cooper Union BSU Juneteenth Celebration at Brooklyn Center for Theater Research in Greenpoint
Leading the big band performing Cal Massey & Romulus Franceschini's 1970 Black Liberation Movement Suite for the last time for awhile, in full! The band:

15 June 2024, Saturday 6-11:30pm - SSAJ Octet @ Spectrum's Van Brunt Solstice Festival
This band's second show: James Worsey, Will Evans (trumpets), AJ Medeiros, me (trombones), Cole Cotton, Sean Lawson (guitars), Caroline Morton (bass), Josh Mathews (drum set).
Also playing: Maya Keren, Melisa Almaguer+Samantha Kochis, Gabriel Zucker+Aaron Edgecomb, Speaker Music, Charlotte Greve, Gushes, Claire Dickson, Johnny Butler+Alex Oliva.

13 June 2024, Thursday 8:30pm - SSAJ Big Band @ Hart Bar $10 [optional]
The band:

The bill: ACT, Autobahn, Answering Machines, SSAJBB

10 June 2024, Monday 9pm - Gían Pérez Quintet @ Fiction *FREE/DONATION*
The Band: David Mirarchi (alto saxophone) + Me (vibraphone) + Gían Pérez (guitar/compositions) + Caroline Morton + Anthony Genovesi (drum set). Note that Gían double booked himself with a theater reading and so missed the first set and just sent us compositions to play written that morning.

6 June 2024, Thursday 7:30pm - Asher Herzog's Cloudline @ Brothers Wash & Dry
Asher wrote some new music for this new group: Leni Kreienberg (vocals), Samantha Kochis (flute), me (vibraphone), Nick Saia (guitar), Caroline Morton (upright bass), Asher Herzog (drum set).
This is Gían Pérez's series 'Wormhole', and since he will be busy acting in a Shakespeare play I am taking over running the show for him. Also on the bill: Mathew Ryals solo, Aaron Pond + Judette Elliston + Chris Ferrari + someone else I don't remember.

1 June 2024, Saturday - Duo with Nathan Chamberlain @ The Buoyant Heart, Brattleboro, VT
Nathan (guitar) and I (vibraphone) duo on a bill with Hedgewitch and Will Amend (drums) + Caroline Morton (upright bass) + Aeneas Strozier (upright bass) trio

28 May 2024, Tuesday 7:30pm - "We Are Greater Than (The Sum [From 1 To Selendis's {=?=} Choice] Of 4n): The Show Series" installment #16/6.3 @ My Ridgewood Apartment *SUGGESTED OPTIONAL DONATION*

My show series.

26 May 2024, Sunday - Frogtet @ Pete's Candy Store
Will Amend (drums) leads an fully improvising group with me (trombone), Mario Fontes (electric bass), and Ian Behrstock (trumpet).

24 May 2024, Friday - SSAJ Guitar Quartet + 1 & AJ Medeiros Brass Quartet + 1 @ Greenehouse (Ridgewood, Queens)
Emmanuel Michael, Gían Pérez, Sean Lawson, Celine Kang, me (conduction, gyil, composing). Also on the bill is Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee String Quartet + 1 (Jackson Earles, Vivek Menon, Jaeven Lara, Rocío Díaz de Cossío, Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee [tenor saxophone & clarinet]), and AJ Medeiros's Brass Quartet + 1 (AJ Medeiros, me, James Worsey, Kwami Winfield, Rocío Díaz de Cossío [cello]).

23 May 2024, Thursday - Nick Saia Group @ Fiction *FREE/DONATION*
Nick Saia original compositions for David Mirarchi (alto saxophone), me (vibraphone), Nick Saia (guitar), Colson Jimenez (upright bass), and Asher Herzog (drum set).

17 May 2024, Friday 7:30pm - Antivoid @ Troy Speakeasy (Troy, NY)
Samantha Kochis and I duo in Troy New York. Also on the bill: Error Sparrow and Structure Affliction.

4 May 2024, Saturday - Big Band @ Hart Bar
Big band improvising with some conduction.

The band:

The rest of the bill was Angalo (album release show for Omen), Libby Quinn, and The Kippers.

1 May 2024, Wednesday - Kevin Eichenberger Band @ Brothers Wash & Dry
Kevin original songs with the band Eliza Salem (drums), Alfredo Colón (alto saxophone), Will Evans (trumpet), me (vibraphone), and Kevin (upright bass).

30 April 2024, Tuesday 7pm - Show @ My Ridgewood Apartment (message for address) *$10 STRONGLY SUGGESTED DONATION*
The bill:

28 April 2024, Sunday 8pm - Orchid McRae's "5 Ribbons" @ Kermanshah Oriental Rugs (13th st & 5th ave)
2nd 5 Ribbons performance, this time the band was me (trombone), Francesca Hanson (woodwinds), Jose Fernando Solares (woodwinds), Mario Fontes (electric bass), and Orchid (drum set+glockenspiel).

24 April 2024, Wednesday - Duo w/ Orchid McRae @ P.I.T *$10 SUGGESTED DONATION*
Erica Dawn Lyle solo, gabby fluke-mogul solo, Orchid and I duo.

20 April 2024, Saturday - SSAJ Big Band @ Prime Produce (424 w 54th St)
We finished the 3 part series of big band performances where we split Cal Massey's Black Liberation Movement Suite into 3 shows where we played 3 of the 9 movements and Gían Pérez's new original composition "Julian"

The band:

The rest of the bill: Gían Pérez, Los Primos (Gían Pérez+Manuel Joe Perez III), and Mo Kubbárá Sextet.

19 April 2024, Friday 7:30pm - Duo with Shinya Lin @ Controlled Chaotic 4 @ Ki Smith Gallery *$25*
Shinya and I performed duo on vibraphone and electronics. Also on the bill was Kalun Leung's solo "Conversations with Space and Architecture (CSA)", and Trevor Van de Velve's solo "Feeding Bubbles".

18 April 2024, Thursday - Dot ISO Quintet Plus @ Shapeshifter Plus *$15*
Caroline Morton (upright bass) and I (vibraphone and/or trombone) sat in with Dot ISO (Orchid McRae [drum set], Vivek Menon [violin], Dylan DelGiudice [guitar+alto saxophone]).

5 April 2024, Friday - Orchid McRae Quintet @ CuteLab *$15 Suggested Donation*
Premiere of Orchid's "5 Ribbons". Band: Me (trombone+vibraphone), Jose Fernando Solares (woodwinds), Rocío Díaz de Cossío (cello), Francesca (woodwinds), Orchid (drum set+glockenspiel).

2 April 2024, Tuesday - MokNakSon [Trio with Lesley Mok & Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee] @ Hart Bar
MokNakSon (unofficial name) played on a bill with Aaron Rubinstein solo (guitar) and TJ Milan-Bombara+Luke Runels duo (tenor saxophone + drums).

31 March 2024, Sunday - Solo @ Wee Space (message for address) *OPTIONAL DONATION*
This was a wholesome east village house show and vegan potluck put on by Webb Crawford and David Grollman that I love so dearly. The rest of the bill was Aaron Rubinstein solo and Will LaPorte solo. I played trombone and marimba.

30 March 2024, Saturday - HOSTED BELLCAVE SHOW @ My Ridgewood Apartment (message for address) *$10 OPTIONAL DONATION*
Honored to have hosted a show at my apartment for the first time in months. 3 guitarist vocalists doing original songs. Wendy Eisenberg + Mari (violin), Izzy Oram-Brown, Sean Lawson. Organized by Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee and Sean.

21 March 2024, Thursday - Antivoid @ The Windjammer
Me (vibraphone) and Sam Kochis (flute) duo band. Also on the bill is Su$hi (Gían Pérez+Caroline Morton+Asher Herzog) and SIBYL (Levi Lu+Drew Wesley+Manuel Joe Perez III).

17 March 2024, Sunday - SSAJ Guitar Quartet + SSAJ @ The Laundromat
I lead a quartet of guitarists (Gían Pérez, Sean Lawson, Christian Cail, David Kim) along with me doing things too playing an original composition of mine. I am very excited for this. David Mirarchi (alto sax) played solo, and a duo of Matei Predescu (keyboard) + Beth Ann Jones (upright bass) [Jake Ford was supposed to join but couldn't make it in time, he did still come and make it in time to see our set].

**Canceled** 16 March 2024, Saturday - Caleb Apple Quartet @ Harvest Cyclery *OPTIONAL DONATION*
I will be playing with Caleb Smith (trombone, keyboard), and Gary Jones III (drum set) at Keenan Ruffin's Virtuos Cycle Salon Series in Bushwick at a bike repair shop. Also on the bill is the Keenan Ruffin Dance band (Keenan Ruffin [guitar+composition], David Mirarchi [alto & soprano saxophones], Vittorio Mura [alto & tenor saxophones], Isaiah "Broadway" Johnson [bass clarinet+Bb clarinet+flute], Jon Starks [drum set]), and Alma June (songs+classical guitar+voice).

11 March 2024, Monday - Solo @ Sundown
Arts for Art organized 2 act bill at Sundown right by my place. The other act was Ahmed Abdullah+Monique Ngozi Nri+Don Chapman+Norbert Marius. Lester St. Louis dj'd.

10 March 2024, Sunday - Duo with Gabe Boyarin @ Ibeam
We met at this show. They're playing guitar I'm playing trombone. Also on the bill, Gabe solo, and Anthony Coleman solo.

1 March 2024, Friday - Samantha Kochis Quartet @ MoMA PS1 *FREE*
New original Kochis compositions played by her (flute+dulcimer), me (vibraphone), Anna Abondolo (upright bass), and Josh Mathews (drum set).

29 February 2024, Thursday - Trio w/ Gabriel Zucker & Lester St. Louis @ Spectrum
Spectrum's 3rd birthday (really the 12th but it's leap day so it's only happened 3 times now). I play trio with Gabriel (piano) and Lester (cello), also on the bill were Chris Cochrane+Miguel Frasconi+Shoko Nagai and Monica Rocha+Hans Tammen.

25 February 2024, Sunday - Tsons of Tsunami Album Release @ Barbes
Simon Hanes's (guitar) band Tsons of Tsunami (with me [vibraphone], Kevin Newton [french horn], Jesse Heasly [electric bass], and Jon Starks [drums]) is playing at our place we play, Barbes, as an album release show for our self-titled album on Tzadik.

22 February 2024, Thursday - Unexpected sit-in with Porcelain Vivisection @ MoMA PS1 *FREE*
Went to see PV (Neel Ghosh [tenor sax+effected voice}, Nick Saia [guitar], Asher Herzog [drum set]), had my trombone on me, immediately got asked to sit in, put my headscarf over my face and joined in.

20 February 2024, Tuesday - Duo with AJ Medeiros @ Downtown Music Gallery
AJ and I played duo. Duo trombones, duo electronic things, duo etc. Alose on the bill was Zoh Amba+Caroline Morton+Marc Edwards, and Su$hi (Gían Pérez+Caroline Morton+Anthony Genovesi).

15 February 2024, Thursday - Frogtet @ Northampton, MA
Will Amend lead his frogtet at 90 King in Northampton, Western Massachusetts. The band was Me (vibraphone), Ian Behrstock (trumpet), Anna Abondolo (Electric Bass), and Will Amend (Drums). Also on the bill was Hedgewitch and Rebecca Schrader+Marie Carroll (cellos).

14 February 2024, Wednesday - SSAJ Big Band @ House by Columbia
Clara Joy ran a house show at this nice-looking queer frat house (I think?) by Columbia. I lead a big band for it. We played some Duke Ellington and some Fred Ho and improvised a lot.
The band:

10 February 2024, Saturday - Antivoid @ Nathan's Ice Pop Sereis @ Ibeam
Nathan Chamberlain's series's debut. I (vibraphone) play duo with Samantha Kochis (flute) as Antivoid. Also on the bill are Boyarthree (Nathan Chamberlain [guitar], Hans Young-Binter [piano], and Sabrina Salamone [violin]), and Miss Ambivalent Unplugged (Jeong Lim Yang [upright bass] and Santiago Leibson [piano]).

4 February 2024, Sunday - Solo & Kevin Eichenberger's Yay Spray @ Trans-Pecos
Gían Pérez continues to keep me busy (but not as busy as him) booking me for another gig, this time solo, and with Kevin Eichenberger's Yay Spray (Will Evans [trumpet], Alfredo Colón [alto saxophone], me [vibraphone], Kevin [upright bass], and Matt Bent [drums]). Also on the bill, Los Primos (Gían and Manuel Joe Perez III), and Marc Edwards Slipstream Time Travel.

1 February 2024, Thursday - Under the Hands of Each Other & Nick Saia Sextet @ Gían's Wormhole Free Improvisation Series @ Brothers Wash & Dry
My band Under the Hands of Each Other (with Calvin Ryerse, AJ Medeiros, me [trombones and more], Kwami Winfield, James Worsey [cornet and flugelhorn {respectively} and more], Kayla Kessler, and Caroline Morton (upright basses and more) plays on a bill with Nick Saia's Quintet (with me [trombone], Francisco de la Garza [tenor saxophone], Nick Saia [guitar], Kevin Eichenberger, Caroline Morton [upright basses], and Asher Herzog [drums]), and also Marc Edwards's Slipstream Time Travel (Marc Edwards [drums], Tor Snyder [electric guitar], Takumi Kanaiwa [accoustic bass guitar], and Gían Pérez [electric and accoustic guitar])

25 January 2024, Thursday - Zorn Improv Night @ Roulette Intermedium
John Zorn got some folks together and we all went up in different combinations and improvised for 5-10 minutes. Of note about this gig is that it was my first gig in New York with the Musser vibraphone I used to keep in the bay area, and it was with AJ Medeiros's trombone because I damaged my slide on the vibraphone at the Atlanta gig I played 5 days earlier.
The participants:

20 January 2024, Saturday - Trio with Nathan Chamberlain and Paul Sakai @ Majid's Place (Atlanta, GA)
Improvised trio on vibraphone and trombone, with Nathan on guitar and Paul on drums.

11 January 2024, Thursday - Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee Quartet @ The Soundroom (Oakland, CA)
Nathan's original music, a band with me (vibraphone and trombone), Nick Reeves (cello), and Paul Sakai (drums).

14 December 2023, Thursday - Su$hi @ The Windjammer
Gían Pérez quintet of me (xylphone + trombone), David Mirarchi (alto saxophone + piano), Tete Leguia (electric bass), and Marc Edwards (drums). Also on the bill was Webb Crawford solo, and Yvonne Rogers's original music being performed duo with Claire Dickson.

6 December 2023, Wednesday - Big Band @ Nublu
We played some Shostakovich and some of our classic Cal Massey/Romulus Franceschini.
The band on this one was:

The rest of the bill is Marc Edwards/Gían Pérez/Michael Gilbert, and Alfredo Colón+Theo Walentiny.

5 December 2023, Tuesday - Trio with Lesley Mok & Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee @ Sundown *$15*
I pulled this trio together with one day's notice for a show in August, everybody agreed it worked so well/made so much sense, Lesley called us for this gig about a week later. The rest of the bill was Los Primos (Gían Pérez+Manuel Joe Perez III), Yva Las Vegass (José Benjamin Escobar+Julián Pardo).

3 December 2023, Sunday 7pm - Creative Music Studio Improvisers' Ensemble @ Houghton Hall Arts Community
The second of a series of a improvising large ensemble shows I lead thanks to the support of Creative Music Studio.
The band on this one was:

28 November 2023, Tuesday - Solo @ Union Pool
The rest of the bill was Madison Greenstone+Laura Cocks+Wendy Eisenberg+Chris Corsano, and Warp Duo.

26 November 2023, Sunday 7:30pm - SSAJ w/Orchid McRae+Will Evans+Nathan Chamberlain @ The Record Shop
The rest of the bill was Kevin Murray solo, and Hans Young-Binter+Che Buford+Josh Mathews.

12 November 2023, Sunday 8pm - Under the Hands of Each Other @ Sisters
A show I put together, the bill: Kwami Winfield solo, Under the Hands of Each Other (Kwami Winfield+James Worsey+Kayla Kessler+Caroline Morton+Selendis SA Johnson+Calvin Ryerse+AJ Medeiros), and Gían Pérez+Caroline Morton+Marc Edwards, with DJ Undisclosed Locations DJ'ing through the night.

7 November 2023, Tuesday 7:30pm - Trio w/ Nathan Chamberlain & Josh Mathews @ Downtown Music Gallery Tuesday Series *FREE* I played only trombone on this.

2 November 2023, Thursday - Antivoid Solo @ Caffeine Underground
The rest of the bill was Su$hi, Death Rattled, and Fishing for Sound.

23 October 2023, Monday - SSAJ Octet @ Sundown *$15*
My band was Trumpets: James Worsey & Will Evans, Trombones: AJ Medeiros & Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson, Guitars: Cole Cotton & Sean Lawson, Bass: Caroline Morton, Drums: Josh Mathews. The rest of the bill was OrchidBB, Ned Rothenberg solo, and Aaron Edgecomb's Clak.

22 October 2023, Sunday - "We Are Greater Than (The Sum [From 1 To Selendis's {=?=} Choice] Of 4n): The Show Series" installment #15/6.2 @ Studio du Québec à New York (Remy's place, SHOES OFF) *SUGGESTED OPTIONAL DONATION*

My show series. This time featuring:

13 October 2023, Friday 8pm - Big Band @ P.I.T *VERY STRONGLY SUGGESTED DONATION* The big band returns/emerges. Lots of improvisation. 3 movements of the 9 movement Cal Massey/Romulus Franceshini Black Liberation Movement Suite. 1 other timely cover (it was Monk's Friday the 13th).

7 October 2023, Saturday - "We Are Greater Than (The Sum [From 1 To Selendis's {=?=} Choice] Of 4n): The Show Series" installment #14/6.1 @ My Ridgewood Apartment *SUGGESTED OPTIONAL DONATION*

My show series. This time featuring:

17 September 2023, Sunday - Creative Music Studio Improvisers Ensemble led by Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson @ Houghton Hall *$5-20*
The first of a series of a improvising large ensemble shows I lead thanks to the support of Creative Music Studio.
The band on this one was:

16 September 2023, Saturday - "We Are Greater Than (The Sum [From 1 To Selendis's {=?=} Choice] Of 4n): The Show Series" installment #13/5.3 @ A Lower East Side Apartment *SUGGESTED OPTIONAL DONATION*

My show series. For this cycle I premiered a new composition on each show.

15 September 2023, Friday - SSAJ's “? # of AEC song(s), + some improvised más” @ The Stone *$20*
I had a dream Thursday night that involved John Zorn calling me at 5am to offer me a week at The Stone. I woke up to a 7am email from John Zorn offering me a day at the stone the following week. The band was Me (Vibraphone, Trombone, Xylophone, Megaphone), Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee (Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone), David Leon (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone), Nick Saia (Guitar), Kevin Eichenberger (Upright Bass), Asher Herzog (Drum Set).

3 September 2023, Sunday - "We Are Greater Than (The Sum [From 1 To Selendis's {=?=} Choice] Of 4n): The Show Series" installment #12/5.2 @ My Ridgewood Apartment *SUGGESTED OPTIONAL DONATION*

My show series. For this cycle I will premiere a new composition on each show.

2 September 2023, Saturday - Duo with Zoh Amba Trio with Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee & Lesley Mok @ Brothers Wash & Dry
A show at an ex-laundromat in Maspeth somebody lives in. The rest of the bill is Kevin Eichenberger (bass) + Jon Starks (drums) + Yvonne Rogers (keyboard) + David Mirarchi (saxophone), and Will Evans (trumpet) + Kevin Eichenberger (bass) + Philippe Clement (drums). Zoh got stuck in Iceland so switched up the band last minute.

31 August 2023, Thursday - Solo for the Brackish Series @ The Record Shop
The rest of the bill is Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon) + Doyeon Kim (gayageum), Ariel Yelen (poetry), and Shara Lin (vocals) + Lesley Mok (drums).

26 August 2023, Saturday 8pm - Under the Hands of Each Other @ Endless Life
My brass+bass group with AJ Medeiros (trombone and more), Caroline Morton (upright bass and more), James Worsey (flugelhorn/cornet and more), Kayla Kessler (upright bass and more), myself (trombone and more), and Kwami Winfield (cornet and more). Calvin Carter can't make it so Kwami will be filling in.

20 August 2023, Sunday 10pm - Solo @ Freddy's Bar
Opened for Toadal Package's first show of their tour.

19 August 2023, Saturday 7:30pm - "We Are Greater Than (The Sum [From 1 To Selendis's {=?=} Choice] Of 4n): The Show Series" installment #11/5.1 @ My Ridgewood Apartment *SUGGESTED OPTIONAL DONATION*

My show series. For this cycle I will premiere a new composition on each show kinda.

8 August 2023, Tuesday - Antivoid @ Downtown Music Gallery
Samantha Kochis and I's duo project.

5 August 2023, Saturday 7:30pm - "We Are Greater Than (The Sum [From 1 To Selendis's {=?=} Choice] Of 4n): The Show Series" installment #10/4.1 @ My Ridgewood Apartment *SUGGESTED OPTIONAL DONATION*

The grand return of my show series. I won't be performing in this one but those who will be are:

30 July 2023, Sunday 2pm - Caroline Morton Free Jazz Collective @ Manning Street Music Festival @ Barrington, Rhode Island *$10 SUGGESTED*
Me - Trombone and Conch Shell, Caroline Morton - Upright Bass, Emmet Van Leer - Piano, Erik Lee - Drums, Alan Jones - Upright Bass, Owen - Alto Sax

29 July 2023, Saturday 8pm - Improvising with some new peers @ Space Salon, Warren, Rhode Island
Me - Trombone and Conch Shell, Caroline Morton - Upright Bass, Emmet Van Leer - Piano, Alan Jones - Upright Bass, Tania Cosma - Drums

23 July 2023, Sunday 8pm - Amirtha Kidambi Quartet @ Sisters *$10*
Improvised with Amirtha Kidambi - Voice/Saxophone, Alfredo Colon - Saxophone, Ryan Easter - Trumpet, and myself - Vibraphone/Trombone. The bill also featured Lesley Mok+Luke Stewart+Chris Williams+Shara Lunon. The second installment of Shara's Heavy Florals series. Beautiful communal night/time.

22 July 2023, Saturday 11pm - Solo @ Hart Bar
I did a solo set on trombone and spotify through bluetooth speaker at Hart Bar late night. Tiny audience, deeply fulfilling performance.

17 July 2023, Monday 7:30pm - PALENQUE MONASTERY @ Trans-Pecos *$15*
The debut of my new project PALENQUE MONASTERY, on this show featuring Sam Kochis - Flute, Alfredo Colon - Alto Saxophone, Francisco de la Garza - Tenor Saxophone, Me - Vibraphone+Trombone+Megaphone+Voice+Sibelius Playback, Anna Abondolo - Upright Bass, and Josh Mathews - Drums. The rest of the bill is Kwami Winfield, Erica Dawn Lyle, and Ka Baird+Chris Williams. We played Thelonious Monk's 'Thelonious' and engaged with the 87th anniversary of the (african) start of Spanish Civil War.

7 July 2023, Friday - Quartet led by Will @ Bookends @ Northampton, MA
I got sick so this fun little free jazz quartet show couldn't happen.

6 July 2023, Thursday 8pm - Isabel Crespo Pardo Album Release Show @ 411 Kent
A performance of Isabel Crespo Pardo's new music for voice, trumpet, alto sax, vibraphone/trombone, guitar, gayageum, cello, and bass. The band is: Isabel Crespo Pardo - Vocals, Tomin - Trumpet, Alfredo Colon - Alto Sax, Skyler Hill - Guitar, Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson - Trombone, Vibraphone, DoYeon Kim - Gayageum, Lester St.louis - Cello, Henry Fraser - Bass.

2 July 2023, Sunday - Duo with Chai @ Chaos Computer Final Show
I woke up early in the morning to go see the end of the night long Chaos Computer final show and I ended up playing the final set duo with Chai. Some people were into it, some weren't, many didn't seem to be paying any mind, immediately after we finished they started playing Boards of Canada and telling everyone to get the fuck out the show was over.

24 June 2023, Saturday - Solo @ Phonotonic Series @ Ibeam
The second installment of Sam Kochis & Leni Kreienberg's series highlighting female & non-binary musicians. It was me solo, Shara Lin solo, and then us duo.

22 June 2023, Thursday 12pm - Asher Herzog Band @ Metropolis Biophony @ Somewhere on Tompkins Ave *FREE*
Asher Herzog on drums leading a quartet with me on vibes, Shinya Lin on electronics, and Leni Kreienberg on vocals. I got sick though so Ethan Cohn took my role.

21 June 2023, Wednesday 5pm - Billy Martin's "Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast" @ Little Island Park
Joanna Mattrey and I were supposed to be conducting a performance of Billy Martin's work "Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast", Joanna leading the choral section, and I the percussion section. I got sick though so Billy took my role.

12 June 2023, Monday 12pm - Zekkereya El-magharbel Band @ Metropolis Biophony @ Location TBD *FREE*
3 trombones & 1 vibraphone somewhere in Queens outside led by Zekkereya El-Magharbel, the trombonist who got me into playing trombone. The band also included Taja Graves-Parker and Caleb Smith.

11 June 2023, Sunday 11:11am - Solo @ Center For Pyschic Transformation (Outer)Action @ Prospect Park, 40.6586901,-73.9736694 *FREE*
The first of a series of shows CFPT's John Pugh Xi puts on in prospect park, a series of solo performances spread throughout Prospect Park. Beautiful event.

Starting location is at coordinates 40.6586901,-73.9736694

8 June 2023, Thursday 5:40pm - Trio with Aine Pearson & Li Mansur @ a fundraiser(?) @ Garrison, NY (?) *Private Event*
Background music gig for a fundraiser for Riverkeeper.

7 June 2023, Wednesday 7pm - Trio with Kirk Anderson & Caroline Morton @ Gauci's Series @ The Main Drag *$20* CANCELED
Caroline, Kirk & were supposed to hit the Gauci series as the first act, 2 upright bass and vibes. Would have been our first time ever playing together as that group. Canceled due to smoke from fires in Canada making the air quality dangerous.

6 June 2023, Tuesday 8pm - Solo Set at Ava Mendoza's First Tuesdays Series presented by Creative Music Studio @ Union Pool *FREE*
I love Creative Music Studio and have been blessed with a couple chances to work more with them as they grow this year, after learning so much from their workshops in the past. This show was a 3 set bill with Loren Connors, and Little Black Egg (a side project of Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo). This is the 3rd in 4 of these events happening every first Tuesday, check out the others, awesome folks getting called on. This was the debut of me using multiple bluetooth speakers+phones with spotify during sets.

21 May 2023, Sunday 7:30pm - Solo @ Pool @ The Record Shop *$10-15*
This was probably my least favorite musical performance I've done this year. I'd been on a really good run of shows, and this one just didn't come out quite as a good as the others. It was still a great night though, a lovely bill, a lovely audience, a lovely series, and even still the music was still well-worth making, just worth reflecting on critically for future solo shows.

19 May 2023, Friday 11am - Big Band @ The New School Commencement @ Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
I brought the big band from the class I ran to play 5 minutes at TNS commencement in a giant tennis stadium. It went very well, we mostly played my improvisation based piece Unity & Struggle, ending with the melody from Cal Massey's The Black Saint. Very energetic, very chaotic, very unexpected, very succesful.

16 May 2023, Tuesday 8:30pm - Nick Saia's Master's Graduation Recital @ The New School's Arnhold Hall 5th Floor *FREE*
This was the premiere of a grand awesome piece Nick has composed for Nick Saia - Guitar, Cisco De La Garza - Tenor Saxophone, Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee - Tenor Saxophone, Samantha Kochis - Flute, Nicole Connelly - Trombone, Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson - Trombone, Asher Herzog - Drums, Kevin Murray - Drums, Ethan Cohn - Bass, Kevin Eichenberger - Bass, and Pauline Roberts - Vibraphone. My most intense/challenging trombone gig, very rewarding experience. Great band, great music. It was immediately after New School College of Perforing Arts commencement where I spoke, so I had to leave that early.

15 May 2023, Monday 6:30pm - My show series (sometimes called X+1) where every band is the same size but it gets bigger than one each time until I restart the cycle installment 3.1/9 @ My Apartment in Ridgewood *$10 (suggested not required)*
This was be all solos featuring Aaron Rubenstein - Electric Guitar, Cole Cotton - Electric Guitar, Kirk Anderson - Upright Bass, James Worsey - Trumpet. Was a lower attendance show for this series, still a great time.

8 May 2023, Monday 9:30pm - D.R.M Collective @ Mercury Lounge *$10 advance/$15 door*
This was a show on a bill with Marvin Carter's band and Dust(3)y lead by Pat Hong playing his music. Rap, R&B, and Jazz influenced compositions. The band was Pat Hong - Trumpet/Composer, Marvin Carter - Alto Sax, Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson - Vibraphone, Edelyn - Keys, Devlin Tenney - Guitar, Kai Porterfield - Electronic Percussion, Kayla Kessler - Electric Bass, Micaiah - Drums.

8 May 2023, Monday 6pm - Premiere of Sean Lawson's Uncertainty and Connection @ NYPL Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center *FREE*
Sean (my friend and frequent collaborator) composed a piece for a class (Jane Ira Bloom's Shelf Life) and all the pieces were performed at a lovely theater in Lincoln Center. These are always lovely events, this is the 3rd I've played in. The band was Sean Lawson - Electric Guitar, Samantha Kochis - Flute, TJ Milan-Bombara - Tenor Saxophone, Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson - Vibraphone, Kirk Anderson - Upright Bass.

30 April 2023, Sunday 4pm - Hans Young-Binter Senior Recital @ The New School's Arnhold Hall 5th Floor *FREE*
This was a really lovely show of Hans's music played by Hans Young-Binter - Piano, Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson - Vibraphone, Lyle Rivera - Guitar, Pauline Roberts - Drums, and Joshua Matthews - Drums.

28 April 2023, Friday 7:45pm - Under the Hands of Each Other @ Ridgewood Presbyterian Church *$15*
This is the debut and first meeting of a new project, that at least on this show featured James Worsey - Flugelhorn, Calvin Ryerse - Trombone, AJ Medeiros - Trombone, Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson - Trombone, Caroline Morton - Upright Bass, Kayla Kessler - Upright Bass. It was on a bill with Eddie Kam's Summer Fling.

22 April 2023, Earth Day, Saturday 8pm - Samantha Kochis Graduate Recital @ Some Church in Williamsburg *FREE*
Developing Antivoid (my duo with Sam) has been a great joy and space of study over the last year, we played a small portion of this show.

11 April 2023, Tuesday 8pm - Solo Vibraphone @ Scholes Street Studio *$10*
This was a solo set at the end of a 3 band bill with Asher Herzog's Bowhunter, and Ethan Cohn's Group Never. I just played vibraphone and read two stories by Isaac Babel. My favorite solo set I'd done up to this point. Link to video.

10 April 2023, Monday 8pm - My Series Where Every Group Must Be The Same Size And Each Show The Size Goes Up By 1 Until I Restart The Cycle And Anyone Can Play At The End As Long As They Stick To The Group Size #2.5 @ The New School's Arnhold Hall *FREE*
I premiered my piece We can be close to each other in The Sky, my first piece explicitly dealing with transgender-ness, w/ Celine Kang (guitar), Griffin Thiel (guitar), Thomas Swindell (guitar), David Kim (guitar), and my self on AJ's chord organ, speaking, trombone, and bluetooth speaker.
Also playing was:

30 March 2023, Thursday 10pm - Tsons of Tsunami @ Barbes *FREE*
Tsons of Tsunami is the debatably surf-rock quintet I play vibraphone in with leader Simon Hanes (guitar), Kevin Newton (French Horn), Jesse Heasly (bass), and Jon Starks (drums). It is a very fun natural wild loose flowing time. We play this very fun heavy arrangement of this part of the Rite of Spring Simon made. Very fun.

24 March 2023, Friday 7:30pm - Senior Recital @ The New School's Arnhold Hall 5th Floor *FREE*
My senior recital was postponed due to the New School part-time faculty strike of Fall '22. There was a plan, it was scrapped the night before and instead I went in with 0 plan and invited anybody to do/play anything during the show. It went very well.

22 March 2023 10pm Wednesday - My Series Where Every Group Must Be The Same Size And Each Show The Size Goes Up By 1 Until I Restart The Cycle And Anyone Can Play At The End As Long As They Stick To The Group Size #2.4 @ The New School's Arnhold Hall *FREE*
I premiered my piece Smoking weed and drinking black tea all night to get The Work done. with Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson - trombone, Caroline Morton - Bass, Anna Abondolo - Bass, and Joseph Wagner - Bass.
Also playing was:

22 March 2023 Wednesday 7:30pm - Revolutionary Big Band Music: Cal Massey's Black Liberation Movement Suite, Fred Ho's Struggle for a New World Suite, and Sebastian Alexander Johnson's Unity & Struggle @ The New School's Tishman Auditorium *FREE*
I ran a big band class at The New School semester working on big band music coming out of revolutionary traditions. This was our final performance. The show went fantastically and was one of my favorite musical projects I've worked on. Here is the promotional blurb:

This show is a project I proposed in my last year as a student at TNSJazz, with the goal of continuing the legacy and spreading the inspiration of 2 revolutionary big band composers and leaders with amazing underrecognized history. One is Cal Massey's Black Liberation Movement Suite, commissioned in 1969 by Eldridge Cleaver on behalf of the Black Panther Party in Algeria. The piece pays homage to many key figures in the black liberation struggle in the USA. Massey was a musician whose legacy has been forgotten by many. The other piece is Fred Ho's Struggle for a New World Suite (2006). Ho was extremely inspired by Massey's life and work, and worked to get his music, particularly the BLM Suite, performed multiple times throughout his life. Ho went on to write his own big band music near the end of his life expressing his own revolutionary sentiments (Ho was an avowed communist). Most of Ho's work was inspired by his belief in and advocacy for 3rd world unity, for him often manifesting in "afro-asian" music. We will also be performing a new big band composition by myself called Unity & Struggle (for Fred Ho) which is ideologically carrying on the tradition of both of these figures, but musically experimenting with much more improvisation than they did in their big band works. Unity & Struggle asks each musician performing it the question "how can you play the music authentic to yourself, that you believe in, as every other musician is doing the same, without fear of clash & without compromise, while also playing in unity with everyone else, adapting because of what others play without losing yourself, to create something greater than any one voice?"

5 March 2023 Sunday - Sitting in w/ Aggressive Squirrels @ Gold Sounds
During the post-show hang after Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee's random groups improv night (16-2-2023) Sean (guitar/vocals) asked me if I could sit in with them on trombone at their next show. I am a big fan of this band and thoroughly enjoyed this chance to be in creative spirit with them as a music maker after being present so many times as an enraptured audience member/dancer.

4 March 2023 Saturday - Solo Duo show w/ Joseph Wagner @ Olive's Apartment
I don't know Olive too well, but we've been around the same New School improvised music space and she'd seen me play a few times and reached out about if I'd be down to play solo vibes at her apartment. I was working that night and it was on the 5th floor and in the lower east side relatively far from me, so I said no, and then asked if I could come in a bit late and play trombone. The show started very late, and Joseph was there with his bass, and so we turned it into a duo set. It was our first time playing together, and it was very lovely. I did a bit of reading, primarily from George Lewis's book on the AACM "A Power Greater than Itself".

3 March 2023 Saturday - 333 w/ AJ Medeiros and James Worsey @ Parsons
I'd been hearing a bit about this show that was gonna happen at 3:33pm on 3/3/2023 at Parsons from some of the Fine Arts students who participated in the 2022 Occupation, and 2 days before it happened AJ invited me to participate with him and James Worsey. We got there and we split his trombone into slide, bell, and mouthpiece, waited for our time in the show (4 of 4), formed a triangle in the room, and improvised. It was a beautiful time, the whole show was a beautiful event, much good has come out of the spirit of the occupation. I also read the poem that this website gets its name from during the poetry section of the event, which was unplanned. It was my first time reading my own poetry, accompanied by music or not. I also discovered how to get to the roof of Parsons West this day.

24 February 2023 6pm Friday - My Series Where Every Group Must Be The Same Size And Each Show The Size Goes Up By 1 Until I Restart The Cycle And Anyone Can Play At The End As Long As They Stick To The Group Size #2.3 @ The New School's Arnhold Hall *FREE*
I (vibraphone, spotify+speaker) played with Nathan Chamberlain (guitar) and Mikael (drums) from the Parsons print shop Caroline Morton (bass). Mikael could not make it and thus Caroline was asked to fill in for him right before the performance
Also playing was: