A voice I want to share

Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson's Website

I began this website on 18 February 2023 to explore a new venue for creating and sharing, one that, unlike the previous ones I'd used that utilized the internet, would not challenge me to create in spite of its pre-built walls of guidance, but challenge me to create in spite of its entire lack of guiding restrictions. A lot will be added here, and a lot will be changed here as I continue to build it for hopefully the rest of my life. This introductory paragraph will certainly be changed at some point as I don't really like it right now. But that's one thing I want to carry over to this website from my previous success on instagram, the spirit of instant publishing, and non-finality in finality. Constant creation & sharing.

If you would like to reach out to me about anything, my instagram is @lemwell7, and my email is cpoitier10@gmail.com.