A voice I want to share by Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson

Upcoming Performances

17 May 2024, Friday 7:30pm - Antivoid @ Troy Speakeasy (Troy, NY)
Samantha Kochis and I duo in Troy New York. Also on the bill: Error Sparrow and Alexandra Chang.

23 May 2024, Thursday - Nick Saia Group @ Fiction *FREE/DONATION*
Nick Saia original compositions for David Mirarchi (alto saxophone), me (vibraphone), Nick Saia (guitar), Colson Jimenez (upright bass), and Asher Herzog (drum set).

24 May 2024, Friday - SSAJ Guitar Quartet @ Greenehouse (Ridgewood, Queens)
Also on the bill is Nathan Nakadegawa-Lee String Quartet, and AJ Medeiros Brass Quartet.

26 May 2024, Sunday - Frogtet @ Pete's Candy Store
Will Amend (drums) leads an fully improvising group with me (vibraphone+trombone), Anna Abondolo (bass), and Ian Behrstock (trumpet).

6 June 2024, Thursday - Asher Herzog Group @ Brothers Wash & Dry

10 June 2024, Monday - Gían Pérez Quintet @ Fiction *FREE/DONATION*

28 June 2024, Friday - Christoph Götzen Group @ ??? in Brussels, Belgium

1 July 2024, Monday - Christoph Götzen Group @ ??? in Antwerp, Belgium

4-6 July 2024, Thursday-Saturday - Monheim Triennalle @ Monheim am Rhein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
This is a large festival where I will be playing in multiple combinations with Yuniya Edi Kwon, Oren Ambarchi, Ludwig Wandinger, Muqata’a, Rojin Sharafi, Terre Thaemlitz, Julia Úlehla, Darius Jones, Shannon Barnett, Brìghde Chaimbeul, Anushka Chkheidze, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Peter Evans, Heiner Goebbels, and Shahzad Ismaily. We will return one year later for larger performances.

19 July 2024, Friday - Isa Crespo Pardo Quartet @ The Stone *$20*
Isa's original music for Isa (voice), me (vibraphone+trombone), Emmanuel Michael (guitar), and Maya Keren (piano).

7 September 2024, Saturday - Los Primos @ The Lilypad, Boston
Sitting-in with Gían Pérez and Manuel Joe Perez III. Call me Selendis Perez.

30 January & 1 February 2025, Thursday & Saturday - Zekkereya El-Magharbel Quartet @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Playing Zekkereya's work along with Lester St. Louis and Caleb Smith at The Met.

8-11 April 2026, Thursday-Saturday - Stone Week